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Partnering With An FDIC Bank by Gus Dahleh Partnering With An FDIC Bank by Gus Dahleh(1)

Why is partnering with an FDIC Bank a wise decision?

First of all, Partnering with an FDIC bank will essentially allow access to funds with very low interest rates.  The banks can borrow money from each other at the interest rate at which FDIC Banks lend money to each other.  FDIC banks are not subject to state mortgage lender laws. FDIC banks are characteristically overseen by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which is an agency within the U.S. Treasury Department, pursuant to the National Bank Act.

FDIC banks can service their own products. Mortgage banks, in most cases, are contractually barred by covenants in their warehouse line agreements from servicing loans closed with warehouse funds. Also, the interest rate on funds borrowed from the warehouse facility is high enough that they quickly make a loan unprofitable.

Partnering with an FDIC Bank to manage turbulence

Because mortgage banks are mostly in the business of originating residential home loans (purchase and refinance loans), the residential housing crash, with the resulting economic problems, has caused many issues for businesses that are completely tied in with the market. In response to our economic issues, mortgage banks have gone out of business or sought to affiliate or partner with FDIC banks because they are better able to manage changes in the home loan market for the following reasons.

While the level of inspection aimed by the OCC is noticeably more intense, FDIC banks that partner with clients are usually relieved from state-imposed mortgage-loan originator licensing requirements. This permits FDIC banks to hire loan originators who might not otherwise be able to obtain state licensing because of bankruptcy filings or other non-financially related criminal histories.

For the past year, the Fed Fund Rate has been 0.25 percent (one-quarter of 1 percent). FDIC banks borrow money directly from a Federal Reserve Bank (at the Federal Discount Rate). For the past year, the Federal Discount Rate has been 0.75 percent (three-quarters of 1 percent).

Pit falls of partnering with an FDIC Bank

Joining forces with an FDIC bank doesn’t come without problems/limitations.  For example, careful thought should be given to the transition in order to compartmentalize liabilities in each respective entity and to avoid successor liability concerns.

Mortgage bankers moving to an FDIC bank platform should be informed that financial regulations on the FDIC side are increasingly more complicated and closely scrutinized by regulators. Care must be taken to avoid any fast and loose work when the OCC is evaluating  a company partnering with an FDIC bank.

Author “Gus Dahleh” is a sales leader who is owner of and is rather dedicated to providing readers with important as well as useful information and facts. Take a look at the following website link for more info on why its beneficial partnering with an FDIC bank.

What Are Closing Costs Made Up of and Who Are We Paying? What Are Closing Costs Made Up of and Who Are We Paying?(1)

What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are fees associated with settling any real estate and mortgage transaction.  It is critical to know how much your closing costs can be prior to entering into a real estate transaction or you may end up not even having enough to settle.   Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, you will usually get hit with costs from the lender, the title company, the appraiser, your attorney (on purchase transactions), among other parties.

Lender Related Fees:
These are fees directly and indirectly related to your obtaining a mortgage for your real estate transaction.  These can include but are not limited to the:  processing fee, underwriting fee, document preparation fee, closing fee, and a wire transfer fee.  Here is an explanation of each type of fee that is usually included in closing costs:

Third Party Fees:

Appraisal Fee:
Having your house appraised is essential, especially if you need a mortgage to purchase or refinance the property.  The appraised value is based on recent, comparable home sales in the area around the subject property and provides the lender with assurance that their collateral (the property) has sufficient value to support the loan they are giving you.  In the event of default, the lender would take over the property and try to sell it so its imperative that they know exactly what the market value is.  Generally the cost for a conventional appraisal in today’s market is about $400.

Credit Report:
When applying for any mortgage, the lender pulls a tri-merge credit report which shows your entire credit history from the three major credit rating agencies:  Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian.  Most lenders will use the middle score of the three for qualification purposes.  The cost for this credit report can range from $12 – $35 depending on the lender.  They usually determine their cost by the average total cost of credit reports vs the total amount of actual funded loans.

Title Company Fees:
Title fees usually represent the largest cost in any real estate transaction, especially on purchase transactions.  Title company fees are usually made up of title insurance, closing/settlement fees, wire transfer fees, and recording charges.  The title company may also charge a fee for a survey to be done if there is not one on public record, as well as expensive “transfer taxes” and/or mortgage taxes, depending on your local market.  Total title charges can be as cheap as $500 on a conventional refinancing, all the way up to $2000-$4000 for title insurance alone depending on your loan amount and what area you are buying the property in.

Attorney Fee:
Finally, most home buyers hire a real estate attorney to help them ensure an accurate purchase transaction takes place and that there are no critical errors in the documentation.  Real estate attorneys typically charge $500-$700 in most markets for overseeing a residential real estate purchase transaction.

In conclusion, its very important to consider all closing costs involved in any real estate transaction and to always review the Good Faith Estimate closely before ultimately choosing the lender.

Author “Joe Mortgage” is a marketing and advertising leader who is owner of and is focused to bringing readers with relevant as well as valuable advice. Find out more about the following weblink for a 100 % FREE refinance consultation and skilled counsel on how to correctly calculator your closing costs.

First Time Homebuyers Guide to Foreclosures First Time Homebuyers Guide to Foreclosures(2)

Title: First Time Buyers Guide to Foreclosures in Bothell, WA

Author: Nick Bert jr

Article: I’m a Licensed Real Estate Broker, and the president of Washington Realty Source. I specialize in selling foreclosed properties. I’ve helped hundreds of people save money on these types of homes, and I’ve become familiar with some of the most common questions that people have about them. I’ll begin by going over some of the things that surprise most buyers, and then I’ll wrap up by quickly going over each type of foreclosure that you’re likely to find in Bothell Washington.

First, the things that most people don’t expect:

Unfortunately, 3-7 day response times are normal, whereas an offer written to a private seller will likely be answered tomorrow. When you wright an offer on a foreclosure, get comfortable. Its not uncommon in Bothell to wait a week before you hear back from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac on some of their homes.

Foreclosures are sold as-is. Many people like to do a home inspection and then negotiate a lower purchase price based on the inspection findings. If this is what you’re planning, prepare to be let down. In most cases foreclosure sellers are not likely to repair a home unless they’re required to do so by your lender, and even then they may choose not to. If your lender requires repairs it could cost you the home if you don’t have cash available to make the required repairs.

No, there is not a garage door opener or keys to the mail box. Unfortunately, when a home is lost in a foreclosure, the last thing on the minds of the current homeowner is “where should I leave my key?”

Foreclosures in Bothell Washington come in four different varieties for the most part, and they are:

Fannie Mae properties usually have their own financing options available allowing for as little as 3% down in some cases.

Freddie Mac foreclosures are usually sold with a 2 year home warranty paid for by the Seller.

R.E.O.’s or Real Estate Owned (by a bank) include homes listed by Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and many others. They’re usually sold as-is, and are frequently categorized with foreclosures because technically they are “foreclosed homes.” R.E.O.’s or Bank Owned Properties are frequently priced competitively with the other types of foreclosures as well.

HUD Homes are not government owned or foreclosures. Even though technically they are owned by the government and they were acquired through foreclosure. HUD is worried that referring to their properties as being foreclosures, government owned, or affordable would show their properties in a negative light. Despite this silkiness I happen like HUD homes because some of them come “insured with escrow.” This means that you do not have to worry about a home being rejected by a lenders appraisal because HUD has already had an appraisal completed.

Despite the additional hurtles to dealing with these types of properties, they still represent an average savings of $20,000 verses buying a privately owned home. In Bothell Washington, these are the best deals to be had.

Article author “Joe Mortgage” is a marketing and advertising leader who is owner of and is focused to bringing readers with relevant as well as valuable advice. Find out more about the following weblink for a 100 % free refinance consultation and skilled counsel on how to obtain the best best chicago mortgage rates.

Information About Rent-to-Own Purchase Transactions Information About Rent-to-Own Purchase Transactions(1)

What’s a Rent-to-Own?

Men and women that are desperate to have their own property, but cannot pay for to to get a whole new home, there’s one alternative that they can do to pay for it. It’s the alternative of rent-to-own.  The lease to own alternative is this sort of another that’s gaining reputation with customers and retailers alike. This informative article discusses the details about lease to own that can serve as a information for everyone who wishes to make it happen.

Just before everything else, I’d prefer to commence by discussing what rent-to-own is. Rent-to-own is surely an arrangement that is created between the vendor of a housing home and likely purchaser who for a single explanation or an additional is unwilling or not able to undertake and commit by themselves to some conventional revenue transaction. The arrangement will permit the likely purchaser to live in the actual estate property as being a renter for the specified level of time ahead of a last revenue contract must be consummated.

Why a rent-to-own may be right for you:

1.            They do not have the essential funds down payment for the conventional property loan. Rent-to-own arrangement allows them to maneuver into a new property as renters with a reduce down payment.

2.            They have loan problems that’s why these are not able to secure a loan.

3.            They can boost their credit score rating whenever they lease which can then capable them to avail for the larger property loan.

4.            Sellers of rent-to-own homes benefit in this sort of transaction when they promote their homes once the marketplace is down.

5.            Sellers get inactive earnings from the month-to-month payment with the renters plus they can collect a lot more money above time with a hire to individual arrangement than with a immediate sale.

How a rent-to-own transaction works:

As previously stated, Rent-to-own can be an arrangement that is produced among the vendor of your real-estate property and likely purchaser who for one particular reason or an additional is unwilling or not able to undertake and commit by themselves into a traditional profits transaction. The marketing price tag with the residence is negotiated among the 2 celebrations, as will be the date by which the buyer/renter need to finalize the sale together with the seller/landlord. It enables buyers to live in the new residence, shell out month-to-month hire for the offered timeframe, give the asked down payment plus they may have the home as their very own when all of the funds had been settled and entirely compensated.

An increasing number of individuals are finding this sort of property owning arrangement a great way to have their own ownership compared to the standard property owning procedure. It lessens the fiscal burden that’s associated with all the standard property owning.

Author Joe Karns is a seasoned mortgage banker and master of teaching you about HARP 2.0 Eligibility, is dedicated to bringing his subscribers relevant and useful information. Want to learn more about this topic?  Click here for a free consultation on how to approach the seller of a property about structuring a  Rent-to-Own.

The Art Of Property Management The Art Of Property ManagementComments Off on The Art Of Property Management

Property management is about the managing of real estate with regards to renting, purchasing, selling, leasing and investing. There are two classes of this kind of management: residential and commercial.

The first form pertains to the supervision of rental properties. The second, on the other hand, refers to the management of property designated for commercial uses. In both classes, however, the renter and property owner share a really delicate relationship determined by legal documentation of the lease contract, rental fees along with other minute details pertaining to routine maintenance and checking tenant records.

Property Management Firms:

Through the years, an extensive empire of real estate management firms has emerged. Many companies pertain purely to one class – in other words, commercial or residential. Quite a few others focus on managing both types. Such firms are much larger, having a number of well-trained staff members who perform an essential part in the company’s success and popularity.

A professional employed to oversee such legal matters and maintain a balance between the parties involved is known as the property manager. Acting as a neutral individual, these managers not only take care of the property but additionally ensure the full satisfaction of the tenant and landlord when putting together a deal. The presence of legalities frequently means a trained attorney is also working alongside the property manager. Determined by the country, property managers are required to be working under licensed property management companies based on the law. Ways to verify the broker’s license are offered on the web with public license check software programs.

Property Management Software:

Property management software is gaining momentum rapidly. Smaller management companies are now able to afford and use it with a lot of ease. Asset management software programs are responsible for the accessibility through affordability factor. Simultaneously, other closely related software has been launched online that cater to the very same needs. These are available on the web first for a no cost trial period and afterwards charge a minimal installment and regular monthly fee. The fee rarely increases if an update or newer features are introduced. Improvements are made on the server side and altering settings on the user’s side is rarely needed. Services may be terminated in the event the objectives are not met with the software.

For current mortgage news and to compare mortgage rates, click here.

Managing property is actually a branch of business economics which will involve connecting land owners with land seekers. Before settling any kind of deal through a property manager or management firm, check on the web for registered licensing. In the event that litigation may be required, opt for a company with professional attorneys on board. An attorney will in addition make certain the contracts agreed upon between landlords and tenants are within legal bounds. In case the contract is violated, the attorney can take legal action according to previously documented conditions.

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