Credit Cards That Offer Free FICO Scores

Credit Cards That Offer Free FICO Scores


Good credit is essential in this hobby and having a good FICO score is a big part of that. To qualify for a rewards credit card, you need at least a 700. There are lots of free resources out there about how to achieve a high FICO score. In fact, many banks offer this information free of charge. Below is a list of banks that offer Free FICO scores to qualifying credit cardholders.

Bank of America

Bank of America customers need to sign up to get their free monthy FICO scores. Credit cards like the Bank of America Alaska Visa Signature and BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card are just a few that qualify for this benefit.


If you have an awesome Barclay credit card like the Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard or the Aviator Red, you can login to your account and get your FICO score under the Services tab. Barclay also provides financial planning tools for big purchases. While you’re there, you might also want to check out Credit 101 to learn more about how your FICO score is calculated and what good credit can do for you.

Capital One

I have two Capital1 cards that I got almost a decade ago. One has a $750 credit line and the other is $1,250. And Capital1 refuses to raise it! Now do you understand why I’m not on the Capital1 Venture bandwagon (aside from the fact that they pull your credit from all 3 bureaus). You can easily check your FICO score by logging in, going to the Benefits tab, and selecting “Track my Credit Score.�

You’ll get lots of great info about you credit, including utilization rate, available credit, oldest credit line, and more. This information is denoted as “Good, Average, or Below Average� to help you figure out where you are. I love how nicely this page is organized, and back in the day I had a lot of fun playing around with the credit simulator to figure out where my score could end up.


Chase approaches free FICO scores a little differently from the other banks by offering it to everyone. So regardless of whether you’ve had a Sapphire Preferred card for years or are waiting out the 5/24 rule, you can sign up to get your FICO score through Chase. Of course, nothing is ever truly free, so I imagine this is Chase’s way to attract potential customers. I’d expect a flyer or two in the mail for a credit card offer at some point.


If you’re into collecting miles and points, chances are you’ve got a Citi credit card or four. My favorites? The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Card and the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve. I don’t have the Citi Prestige at the moment, but I know I have to throw that in there before the outcry begins. 😉 Aside from the generous sign-up bonuses and ongoing benefits, Citi also offers free FICO scores to cardholders. To access this benefit, simply login to your Citi account and head over to Card Benefits > Credit & Account Protection > FICO Score.


I might be wrong on this, but I believe Discover was ahead of the curve by being the first of the major banks to offer free FICO scores. So if you’re making great use of that first-year 3% cash back rate or the $30 wifi credit from your Discover It Miles Card, you’ll be happy to know those are not the only benefits you get. To see your FICO score, simply login to your Discover account, scroll over to the “Manage� tab > Features & Benefits < FICO Credit Score for Free.

US Bank

US Bank advertises free FICO scores, but when I logged in from the landing page, I wasn’t able to access it. Maybe it’s because I have the Club Carlson credit card. In any case, if you want to see whether you’re eligible for a free FICO score from US Bank, check the link above.


Have you taken advantage of any of these free FICO offers from your credit card company?

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